Frequently Asked Questions



How long does SNORPLE take to work?

For some customers, the Snorple offers immediate results and instantly more restful sleep. For most, it takes time to become accustomed to having something in your mouth all night. Don’t give up! Give yourself time to get used to your Snorple. If you need additional suggestions, our customer service team is happy to assist you. Reach us at (818) 495-5182.

Is Snorple comfortable?

While some people love the fit of their Snorple immediately, many of our customers find that the device takes some time to get used to — think of it as a short training period while you and your Snorple get to know one another. As with any oral appliance, getting used to the sensation of having it in your mouth is key. It is very helpful to practice wearing it during the day. In fact, we recommend that you don’t try using it for a full night until you can wear it for an hour during the day time. Don’t lose hope or patience. For some customers, it can take several weeks to become truly comfortable with your Snorple mouthpiece, but the results are well worth it. Remember, you didn’t develop the snoring habit in one night, it makes sense that it will take some time to eliminate it.

Does SNORPLE really eliminate snoring?

Much of our feedback comes not from our customers themselves, but from their spouses, who are thrilled and grateful that they are now able to sleep the whole night through. Before Snorple, they’d been kept awake by their spouse’s loud snoring, and often had to resort to sleeping on the couch. We think these eyewitness reports are the best evidence that Snorple is effective at preventing snoring. (We’ve actually had customers thank us for saving their marriage!

What side should I sleep on?

The Snorple is designed to fit securely in your mouth in all positions. Feel free to sleep however you feel most comfortable! Saying that, sleeping on your side is the most beneficial for reducing your snoring. Lying on the back is usually the worst position for snoring.

How often should I replace my Snorple?

With normal use, your Snorple should be replaced every 3-4 months. If you grind your teeth, you may need to replace it more often.

Can a minor use a Snorple?

SNORPLE is not intended for anyone under the age of 18

I grind my teeth. Will Snorple work for me?

Yes, Snorple will still work for you. Due to the grinding, you may have to replace it more often, but it will reduce the damage that grinding does to your teeth.

How do I clean my Snorple?

We recommend using the SNORPLE sterilizer as it is the best solution we have found to keeping your mouthpiece clean. If you don’t have the Snorple sterilizer, you can try brushing your mouthpiece with your toothbrush and mouthwash. We don’t recommend toothpaste as we find in some cases it can leave a gunky residue over time.

Is the Snorple appliance safe to use if I have a latex allergy?

Yes! We’re happy to say that the Snorple appliance is 100% latex and BPA free. Still, when you are known to be allergic to items like “Latex”, it is always smart to test them during the day while you are awake for at least an hour to insure there is no issue. If you have any kind of adverse reaction, immediately stop using the Snorple and get medical help.


No matter what I do, the device doesn’t fit my mouth. What can I do?

The Snorple appliance is designed to fit the average mouth. If it is either too large or too small for a comfortable fit,& you’ve attempted remolding your Snorple to no avail you can proceed to return your appliance. But first call us at our Customer Service number (818) 495-5182 we might be able to help you get it to fit. If successful, you and your partner will be quickly enjoying a quiet & peaceful night’s sleep.

I have a very wide jaw. Will Snorple work for me?

Almost everyone’s front 6 teeth are the same width and even though your back teeth might be outside the Snorple, it will still work very effectively. Additionally, the soft material when heated, can be moved wider to make the Snorple achieve a better fit during the molding phase. Please feel free to contact us at our customer service number if you have any questions, discomfort or pain.

I have an overbite. Is the SNORPLE appliance safe for me to use?

Yes, The Snorple is designed to accommodate even the most severe overbite and underbite situations. You can adjust the bite position on your Snorple to achieve a more comfortable fit.

Should I purchase a chin strap for my Snorple?

In most cases, there is no need for a chin strap. If your appliance is fitting comfortably but it keeps falling out or you are experiencing dry mouth, then purchasing an inexpensive chin strap will solve these issues. If you are having these issues, a chin strap will in most cases, make the Snorple even more effective.

I have an underbite. Is the Snorple safe for me to use?

Yes, The Snorple is designed to accommodate even the most severe overbite and underbite situations. You can adjust the bite position on your Snorple to achieve a more comfortable fit.

I’m having trouble molding my Snorple properly. Can you help?

Please contact us our customer service number (818) 495-5182 for assistance with molding your Snorple. We will be happy to walk you through the process and address any other questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, you can have your dentist assist you in achieving a comfortable fit!

My Snorple is causing me to drool and salivate, is this normal?

If you have never used an oral appliance before, this is a normal reaction. Your brain is interpreting the Snorple appliance as food and your glands are reacting accordingly! With time and patience, this will subside. Try wearing the appliance for small periods of time throughout the day and for as much as one hour before bed time until you get used to wearing it.

My Snorple keeps falling out of my mouth, how can I fix this?

The Snorple appliance is designed to fit securely in your mouth through its molding process. If your appliance isn’t molded properly, you can remold it to achieve a better fit. Please contact us at our customer service number (818) 495-5182 for direction.

I’m experiencing pain while using my Snorple. What should I do?

We definitely don’t want you to sacrifice pain for relief. Please stop using the Snorple immediately and call us at our customer service number (818) 495-5182. We have some useful tips that will provide a better outcome during the remolding process.

My Snorple is making it hard to breathe &/or triggering my gag reflex, what should I do?

Some of our customers have found that using any oral device causes their throats and nose to close as part of a protective instinct, which blocks the airways and causes breathing difficulties. We have found that using nasal strips in conjunction with your appliance eliminates these reactions. Secondly, you can try re-adjusting the tongue bumpers on your appliance to help ease this feeling. You can also completely remove the tongue bumpers if you cannot overcome the gag reflex that you are feeling. It is also very helpful to wear the appliance for small periods of time throughout the day — start with 5-10 seconds and slowly work up from there. This will allow you to become accustomed to having the appliance in your mouth. Do not try to wear the Snorple to bed until you can comfortably wear it for at least an hour while awake during the day. This will probably take an adaptation period from 1 – 3 weeks.

I love my Snorple, but I really don’t like the dry mouth I’m experiencing. Can you help?

Don’t worry, this issue is easily fixed! Re-adjust the position of the tongue bumpers or completely remove them. Place your Snorple back into your mouth & make sure it fits comfortably!


Is the Snorple different than the Herbst device?

The Herbst device is an adjustable metal appliance. The Snorple appliance is not only adjustable–but, it is a self-molding, boil-and bite-device that forms to fit your mouth. Similar to the TAP, the Herbst works by bringing the jaw forward. The Snorple is the only mouthpiece with a patented tongue bumpers to directly keep the tongue from falling back, which is the major cause of snoring..

What is the difference between a TAP device & Snorple? —

The Snorple appliance is a self-molding, boil-and bite-device that is designed to fit your unique bite, while the TAP device is a custom-made, adjustable appliance that has to be fitted by a Dentist and is therefore much more expensive. The key difference however is the Snorples patented tongue bumpers. The TAP works by bringing your jaw forward but doesn’t directly address the tongue falling back, one of the primary causes of Snoring. The Snorple both holds the jaw in place and keeps the tongue from falling back.