Snoring Facts

Mouthpiece for snoring

If you snore, you’re not alone. In the United States, an estimated 37 million adults snore regularly. And while it may be a common problem, it can still be disruptive to your sleep and your health.

There are many potential causes of snoring, from sleep apnea to nasal congestion. But one of the most common causes is simply the position of your tongue and jaw during sleep.

Fortunately, there are a number of mouthpieces available that can help to reduce or eliminate snoring. These mouthpieces work by holding your tongue and jaw in a forward position, keeping your airway open and clear.


Mouthpieces for snoring are available over the counter or by prescription. If you’re looking for a mouthpiece to help with your snoring, talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist. They can help you choose the right mouthpiece for your needs.

Mouthpieces for snoring are just one of many potential treatments for this common problem. If you snore, talk to your doctor about all of your treatment options. With the right treatment, you can get the restful sleep you need and improve your overall health.

Do you snore? Do you find it disruptive to your sleep or your health? Talk to your doctor about a mouthpiece for snoring. It may be the right treatment for you.