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Brian T. Verified Buyer 12/08/22

Love it

This is my second one. Love it! Really helps.

Rose M. Verified Buyer 12/08/22

Happy husband!

I may be a small person, but I was born with a big tongue that constantly fell back and blocked my airways. This is my second Snorple and it is even better than the first as it is easier for me to mold & I already know which position I like it in. I sleep quietly and wake rested. Thank you

Anthony J. Verified Buyer 12/08/22

Game changer

My wife has told me that Snorple has been a game changer!

Susan N. Verified Buyer 12/07/22

My husband’s snoring was so…

My husband’s snoring was so loud that he sounded like a motor boat, or a jet plane, or anything that would carry noise throughout an entire house. He tried other devices and the Snople is the most comfortable and the most effective. He sleeps quietly now, actually NO snoring! We think it is the tongue bumper, we have not found this design on any other device. Thank you for inventing something that gives him (and me 🙂 a great, quiet night’s sleep. We ordered an extra one so it is always in his travel case. If we could change anything, it would be the durability. I wish it could last forever!

Mark H. Verified Buyer 12/07/22

Happy with Snorple.

I like the size, it’s not as bulky as Snore RX or Zypah. Also when Zypah sent a broken device, they required me to prove that I didn’t break it even though I wrote them immediately upon receiving it, and they wouldn’t pay for the shipping cost. That led me to search for another company and found your company. So far I’m very happy with Snorple

Eddie Z. Verified Buyer 12/07/22

I’m sleeping better!

I’ve been remembering my dreams! That is a godsend for me. My wife appreciates the better night sleep also!

Jen F. Verified Buyer 12/06/22

Great company and willing to help

I was overwhelmed with joy that ya’ll were so willing to help me make my fit correct. I have one that was making my teeth hurt and I got a few emails about how to fix it. I decided that since it was old I would buy a new one. I have not yet molded it, but I’m sure the info ya’ll gave will make it a perfect fit. This wonderful creation really does work and it keeps my partner in the bedroom. Thank you.

Johnathan W. Verified Buyer 12/06/22


My wife should be writing this review. My snoring used to drive her out of the room, but this mouthpiece has completely resolved the problem… & possibly saved my marriage

Joy K. Verified Buyer 12/06/22

Best Solution and Best Price

This device saved me. I used to have a huge snoring problem. The price is just what I am wanting to pay. Thank you. I give this device away as gifts to my friends that need snoring solutions, which is why I buy the 2-packs.

Ashley B. Verified Buyer 12/05/22

Biggest skeptic proved wrong!

It worked! I’m thrilled that it actually works. So easy to use and didn’t take long to get used to.

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