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Lyle N. Verified Buyer 05/18/22

Worked since the first try.

Worked from the first try. ‘Nuff said!

Daniel G. Verified Buyer 05/17/22

It works!

I have much more restful nights sleep and my wife is happier for it.

Micheal D. Verified Buyer 05/17/22

The Best!

Completely stopped my snoring! I’ve tried several other products in the past. None came even close to Snorple.

Ricardo S. Verified Buyer 05/17/22

Great product

I was a heavy snorer before I found Snorple. I just received my 5th one! Great product! And my wife sleeps peacefully at night now. Thank you!

Tony P. Verified Buyer 05/16/22

Better than other brands

I’ve tried several anti-snoring mouthpiece brands (including the biggest names out there) and this has been the most comfortable while still being effective. I like the tongue bumper idea. It seems to work well.

George O. Verified Buyer 05/16/22

No more snoring

My wife & I were skeptical in the beginning. Now, we are delighted to say that Snorple really eliminates snoring!

Bryan G. Verified Buyer 05/16/22

It really works

It really actually works.

Alex P. Verified Buyer 05/15/22

Works consistently

Before Snorple I was the classic loud snorer. I’ve been using my Snorple for the last three months now – it really stops the snoring in its tracks!

Henry M. Verified Buyer 05/15/22

Best Anti-snoring Mouthpiece

So glad I found this product! Helped my marriage because my wife didn’t have to sleep in another room. My Dentist and Doctor both said it has helped to keep me from having ANY sleep apnea issues.

Keith A. Verified Buyer 05/15/22

Happy Wife!

My wife and I are both getting a full nights sleep now. It takes a little while to get used to wearing it, but as soon as you get used to it, it’ll change your life. Thanks Snorple!!!